Project BlueLight

Hey y'all. This is my little baby that I've been calling Project BlueLight. Basically, I'm writing a novel. I may not be the next Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling, but writing is my passion and I intend to do whatever I must to be an author someday. *ahem* Enough about me. You probably clicked this tab simply to find out what the fudge Project BlueLight is all about, right? So here we go.

Project BlueLight (This is just a placeholder name. I still need an actual name for the novel, in case anyone has a suggestion or two :3) is centered around a young android named Mocha. The whole story occurs in a futuristic version of our own little solar system. We haven't yet developed the technology necessary to travel much farther than that. However, we have colonized every planet and its moons within our solar system. Each planet's colony is centered around a certain theme that is important to society as a whole. Earth is very business minded; corporate. Mars is all about mining; close-knit families and groups. Mercury, scientific. Venus, modern; futuristic even by their standards. Populated solely by the elite of society. Uranus is religious; everyone on the planet resembles monks in their laid back and peaceful way of life. Neptune is full of small, close-minded colonies at war with each other. Pluto is where all criminals and convicts are sent to rot. Jupiter is polluted by factories and industrial ways of life. Saturn is full of art and the galaxy's greatest artists.

Money is no longer simple dollars or coins. Money is wattage. Power. Literally, whoever has the most wattage wields the most power. The poor are lucky if they can get enough wattage to power a small heater for a week. The rich have seemingly limitless amounts of power hoarded within their gigantic mansions. Corporations compete with one another to develop the 'next big thing', all in an attempt to reel in as much wattage as possible. Bionetics Corporation is a large corporation doing something that had strangely been overlooked so far in scientific advancements. Android research. They reason that androids could replace humans working dangerous jobs. They develop a prototype android in the appearance of a ten year old boy, installing in him an AI capable of the exact same kind of learning that a human utilizes from birth. Using special frequencies that trigger a sleep mode in the young android, they keep him asleep. However, the android is learning, even while unconscious. His mind learns the frequencies and blocks them, rendering them totally ineffective.

He then wakes up, confused, as innocent and naive as a child. This wouldn't be a problem except that the scientists and guards working inside grossly overreact and the android is scared. He flees from the building, causing the deaths and injuries of many guards and scientists in the process. He doesn't know how to control his own strength, yet. His operating system crashes when he leaps off the roof of the building, crashing into the ground many stories below. A very poor man named Consolas finds him and makes off with him before the retrieval team arrives at the scene. Consolas lives in the abandoned, drained sewage tunnels underneath the city, as do many other people trapped in poverty. He takes the young android to his chamber. While the android is asleep, it automatically repairs any damage it took in the fall. After about two days, the android wake sup as if from a nap. The android is consumed with an overwhelming curiosity and asks Consolas many questions about everything. Consolas answers to the best of his abilities and questions the android in return. Upon learning everything the android knew about himself, which wasn't much, Consolas names the android Mocha. (after an ancient, rusted sign he has hanging on the wall of his tunnel)

Consolas teaches Mocha the basics of living and acting human as he tries his best to hide Mocha from the corporations ruthlessly searching for him above. One day, Mocha falls ill. Concerned, Consolas rushes him to the best computer expert he knows and trusts. The techie informs him that there's a device in Mocha's head that is causing intense pain and disorientation. The device was receiving a signal from an external source within the city. He can remove the device, but the operation would not be cheap. Without the operation, the device will kill Mocha, erasing his memory completely. Despite Mocha's pleading to just let him die, Consolas goes out and comes back with the wattage but refuses to say where he got it. Mocha gets his surgery and the device is safely removed. They travel back home silently, and for several days afterward, Consolas doesn't say a word. Finally, Mocha confronts him and asks him what's wrong, asking if he did something bad. Consolas assures him it was nothing he did, that he just had brought up some 'old demons' when getting the money for Mocha's operation. Mocha continues to learn as much as he can about everything, but begins to focus particularly on what it means to be human.

He has an innate desire to be human as well, disliking the outcast status that being an android sentences him to. When they return one day to find their home torn apart, Consolas tells Mocha that they must leave. He purchases the ticket to Mars the very next day on a small, indiscreet ship leaving soon. On the day they are to go, however, they're ambushed in the tunnels by mercenaries sent by the corporation. They flee but soon Consolas is out of breath and unable to go any further. He tells Mocha to make his way to the spaceport and to find the ship there. He gives Mocha his pack and hobbles back towards the mercenaries pursuing them. Mocha hears his friend get shot down and, feeling the strange and overwhelming emotion of grief, that he does not yet understand, he runs as fast as he can out of the tunnels. He cannot cry, but he's consumed by that empty feeling that losing a loved one fills you with. As he boards the ship and hurtles towards Mars, he whispers a promise to Consolas that he'll never forget him.

He goes from there on to each planet, constantly evading the corporations that are hunting him, trying to learn what makes humans 'human.' So far, as of 11/6/2011, one chapter is completed. More are soon to come, as this is a work in progress. Any suggestions or characters that you want to be featured in my story, feel free to message me. I'll be sure to credit you if I like the idea/character and implement it.



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