Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project BlueLight Concept Plotting

The world runs on wattage instead of dollars, power being the preferred form of currency. Those with more wattage [literally] have more power. A company designed an android/mechanical replacement for humans working in dangerous conditions, but their only prototype escapes. This was a multi-billion wattage program, so the company obviously wants their prototype back. The program was code named BlueLight. The company sends mercenaries after their android. Meanwhile, after escaping from the company that created it, the android is living with a poor man who is attempting to teach it concepts such as compassion, kindness, truth, and love. The android was built in the appearance of a ten-year old boy to reduce any fear or contempt for the project once it was brought public. The android’s white clothing was shredded in his fall from the roof of the company building, but the poor man provides him with plain, basic gray clothing that 90% of Earth’s people wear. [Most people are extremely poor, only about 10% have a decent amount of wattage. Only about 5% are rich, and the rich rule the entire planet.] The poor man names the android Mocha. After company mercenaries kill the poor man, Mocha feels emotion for the first time. Sadness. Anger.

Confused by these concepts, it buys passage aboard a ship headed to Jupiter. Colonies there hover within Jupiter’s massive atmosphere, contained within large bubbles of transparent shielding that protects colonists from the massive Jovian storms.

Jupiter = Industrial
Saturn = Artistic
Pluto = Prison
Earth = Power/Corporate
Mars = Mining
Mercury = Scientific
Venus = Modern
Uranus = Religious
Neptune = Country/Colony

Earth’s plot:

Part 1: Mocha escapes from company facility where he was created. Is naive. His operating system shuts down when he jumps off the roof of the company facility, so he’s unconscious when the poor old man takes him in. He wakes up in a room underground, in the tunnels that run under the city that were once used as a sewer system before sewage was properly disposed of. The tunnels now lie abandoned, homes for the homeless and poor. The old man names the android Mocha. Tells Mocha his own name is Consolas (so not because that’s the font I’m using >.>). Consolas tries to teach Mocha human values, both the good and the bad, and takes care of Mocha, teaching him just the basics of life and how to fit in, stay invisible. Mocha wants to learn as much as he can, particularly about humans and what it means to be human. Why is he /not/ considered human?

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