Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly flaps its delicate wings
Flower petals kissed by nature’s soft breeze
A wind-chime slowly, melodically swings
A wind rustling through autumn leaves

The wind flows across the golden plains
Quietly whooshing over the land
Sweeping through the grassy lanes
Making its way to the warm coastal sand

Wind meets ocean with a roar
The powerful surf welcoming its pair
Into the skies the growing wind soars
Spiraling along columns of rising air.

As the wind rises, it’s chilled to its soul
It slows and it turns and begins to fall
Hurtling towards the ocean below
Responding to the ocean’s call

It rockets downward, unchained fury
Heated again by the ocean’s rage
Lashing out, sword of the sea
Mighty waves crashing, refusing to be caged

Unstoppable storm of endless power
Triumphantly, freely, the wind sings
Under its gaze, the bravest will cower
A hurricane born of a butterfly’s wings.

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