Sunday, November 6, 2011


Snow sparkles,
In the rising sun,
A diamond palace,
Touched by none.

Peaceful and quiet,
The wind whispers through.
The voice of good times
Calling anew.

To the curtains,
Little feet tiptoe.
Little eyes peek
Through the window.

A cry of joy
Is heard within,
Warm clothes pulled on,
With a great big grin.

Out the front door,
The little boy runs.
His mother in the doorway,
Watching her son.

She smiles as she watches
His carefree delight,
His absolute wonder
At everything in sight.

He played all day,
‘Til he was chilly and blue,
His snow angels made
And his snowmen through.

He went back inside,
Changed out of his wet clothes
Went into the kitchen,
Where from two mugs steam arose.

He sips his cocoa,
Sitting in his mother’s lap.
She reads him a story,
The cat in the hat.

His head begins to droop,
His eyes begin to close.
His mother kisses him softly
And up to his room they go.

She turns on his nightlight
And tucks him in,
But he’s already out,
Peacefully dreaming.

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