Sunday, November 6, 2011

I love you.

That curious feeling.
It starts in your toes,
Makes you float to the ceiling.
Staring into those eyes like a doe’s.

Love holds you aloft;
Keeps you looking ahead.
It’s amazing when you’re caught;
Loving those three words that are said.

“I Love You” are the words,
So beautiful, so true.
They carry my heart;
Starting my life anew.

Life is empty without love;
It needs a purpose, a point.
My life has only one, my dove;
Its you, my heart you anoint.

Remember these words;
When you’re feeling all alone;
Love isn’t only for the birds,
And shouldn’t be disowned.

These words, so beautiful and true,
are the words that I must say to you.
Never doubt their purity, for it’s truer than true.
Those words I must say? I love you.

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