Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shattered Hope

A black-tinged soul, so crushed and broken;
Bending under the weight of life;
All of this pain that goes unspoken;
Overwhelming, just let me die..

I'm lost, I'm hurt, I'm dying inside;
Tears stream from these agonized eyes;
Oh god, my heart's been tested and tried;
Is love naught but a clever guise?

Is it a mistake to always fight?
To fight this wave of agony?
In pitch-black days and blinding nights;
Does no one hear this silent plea?

Shattered glass, why must it cut so deep;
Crimson drops of passion's flames;
That burn their way to eternal sleep;
A sleep in which no one's to blame.

As everything fades to eternal black;
That ever so elusive peace;
Finally, finally, free from attack;
The pain, it dies, and finally ceases.

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