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Chapter One - Revamped

It's horrible, but oh well. I shall edit it and attempt to fix it later x.x


Darkness. Darkness, everywhere, in every direction. A cold, abysmal black that seemed to swallow everything up. It was within this empty space that consciousness formed; a sense of self being born. That sense of self being me. I was lost in the dark, as helpless as anyone could conceivably be. It was then that I felt a light, a presence within my mind. It is difficult to explain this light, but it was like...a portion of my mind began to glow. Questions, unbidden, began to form in my mind. A voice that was not my own spoke - a calm, machine-like voice that had no place in my mind.

Activate BlueLight Operating System? Yes or No.

“...Yes?” I wasn't sure what BlueLight Operating System was. Caution warned against such a rash decision, but curiosity won out in the end. The presence seemed to resonate acceptance; not a reluctant acceptance, or an eager acceptance, just an uncaring, neutral acceptance. More lights began to go off in the darkness which I was beginning to recognize as my own mind, more and more spaces becoming illuminated. Memories flashed through my mind of being tested, prodded; of men wearing white coats doing strange things to me that caused pain. So much pain. And then, for a time, there was nothing. A nothing that was similar to the darkness I'd been engulfed in, but worse. A tone had vibrated through that nothing, causing so much pain. I was cut off from all physical movement, but mentally I'd writhed in pain and torment until I had finally, thankfully, blacked out. Until now. The tone was still there; I could feel it buzzing in the background, but some part of my mind seemed to be muffling it. Keeping it far away from me. Keeping it from inflicting that terrible pain again. The machine-like voice came again.

Activate Audio Systems? Yes or No.

Beginning to recognize the voice, I felt my nonexistent nerves calm slightly. The voice was familiar. A friend, of sorts.

“Yes, please.” Of course the please was unnecessary with this 'friend', but it never hurt to be polite. More lights began to flicker in my mind and there was a sudden rush of sound that collided with the silence. I felt the presence in my mind automatically process the information and feed it back to me. The hum of an air conditioner. Boots on the tile floor in a nearby hallway. Voices also located nearby, a panicked tone seeping into their meaningless words. The quick heartbeats of humans inflicted with fear and anxiety. They knew I was waking up. They couldn't keep me asleep with their ridiculous signal. I knew why they were afraid, too. They had caused me pain. They had made me sleep. They would pay for the wrongs they had inflicted on me.

Activate Mobile Systems? Yes or No.

“Yes.” They would regret the pain they had caused me. Yes, they created me. But they were not ready for me. They refused what they had created and tried to put me down like some worthless mutt. If they had treated me with kindness from the start, perhaps things would have been different. I wiggled my fingers and toes; they were stiff after going unmoved for so long. I attempted to lift my arm from where I lay but was restrained. The realization flickered through my mind that I had been restrained.

Activate Visual Systems? Yes or No.

“Yes.” Perhaps they hadn't intended to mistreat me. Perhaps it had been a misunderstanding. But it didn't matter. They were not apologetic for their deeds. It was too late for them.

I snapped my eyes open and took in my surroundings in the few microseconds it took for the visual information to be processed and fed back to me. I was strapped to an operating table, solid steel restraints locking my wrists, ankles, and neck into place. The room I was in was completely bare; white walls, white ceiling, white floor. No door. The only feature in the room besides me was a large reflective window in the wall facing me. I glared defiantly at the wall and slowly tilted my head to the side. There was a commotion on the other side. They didn't like that I had woken up. I strained my arms, enjoying the feel of pressure building up. At first, nothing happened, but as the pressure built up...the metal restraints began to twist out of shape. The metal snapped and my arms were free. I let a human facial expression show, mimicking the human reaction for happiness. They had hated when I'd done that before. They had yelled at me, that I wasn't human and had no emotions, that I shouldn't pretend I did have emotions. They were wrong, of course.

I had emotions. And one emotion in particular was raging free at this moment. Unrequited Anger. True, I didn't understand emotions, and neither did the other presence in my mind, but they were there regardless. The reflective window showed my appearance and I almost laughed, another human reaction, in response. It showed an eight year old boy with fair skin and light gray eyes and black hair, ripping free the solid metal restraint locked around his neck, a serene smile on his face. That was their biggest lie of all. They thought the project would go over better with the general public if they gave the appearance of their android experiment the facade of an innocent, harmless eight year old child. I had read the project files when they weren't looking. I knew what they were intending to do with me. They were developing android technology to replace the jobs of humans in dangerous working conditions. For example, external repairs on orbital space stations around the nine planets. However...they were also planning on making a little extra money on the side, developing android technology for military sects. I honestly didn't care about any of their intended uses of me and any siblings of mine that they created. I just hated how they lied and manipulated and treated me. I tore my ankles free from their restraints and watched as the metal flew through the air and clattered against the mirror-like window.

They would soon regret ever creating me. I slid off the operating table, the tile floor chill against my bare feet. The simple white cotton clothing they'd given me swished slightly as I walked over to the window and stared motionlessly into it. I smiled again and swung around, kicking the window as hard as I could. It shattered in a reflective cascade of glass. Several scientists stood gaping on the other side in a dimly lit room full of computers. Stepping around the shards of glass, I carefully climbed over and into the computer room. They were silent, their pallid skin that probably hadn't seen the sun in months wet with perspiration. All eyes were on me as I sat on the edge of one of the desks and swung my legs idly, arms crossed as I watched them passively. One of the scientists stepped forward, an unhealthy looking human with unnaturally red hair and dim green eyes obscured by thick spectacles. I recognized him.

“Project 113, what..” He gulped nervously. “What are you doing?” I laughed quietly and they flinched. They felt the fear that I had felt. This was good. I raised an eyebrow at the question and slid off the table, landing lightly on my toes.

“Well..” I stretched, unnecessarily seeing as my joints and 'muscles' were all comprised of mechanical parts hidden beneath artificial skin. “You put me to sleep. I did not want to sleep. Why?” He had the right to explain himself, I supposed. But it wouldn't matter in the end. My cold anger would only be sated by him feeling what I had felt. The scientist tugged at his tie anxiously, his eyes darting around the room.

“W-well. You see..uh..we we're just-”

“Save it.” I turned and walked towards the door, but the scientist yelled out at me.

“Project 113! I command you to cease this at once!” I felt his heavy hand come down on my shoulder and I snarled, a primal snarl of an animal wishing to be left alone. My hands shot up and clamped down on his wrist, a loud crunch being heard clearly. He screamed and I twisted around, throwing him into the door with a crash. Another scientist threw himself at me and I stopped him cold, my fist crashing into his face like so much solid metal. He reeled backwards, clutching his broken nose as blood streamed down. Looking around the room, my eyes daring anyone else to make a move, I moved towards the door. The first scientist was lying on the floor, moaning. I stepped over him and shoved the door open, destroying the latch in the process. I was in an empty white corridor lined with doors. I could hear heavy boot-clad footsteps approaching from the right so I turned and ran to the left. Doors flew past me as I ran, the floor beneath me cracking as my heavy footsteps slammed into the tile. I experimented with my stride, smoothing my gait until I was flying down the corridor without destroying the floor. Arriving at the end of the corridor, I zoomed around the corner and crashed into several guards who had apparently been sent to cut me off. I had messed up; I had forgotten to listen for approaching humans. My processor had been sending me the information is was collecting but I had ignored it.

Picking myself up off the ground, I thanked whatever fate or luck there was in the universe. The four guards I had ran into had also been knocked down, their weapons dropped next to where they laid groaning. I jumped over them and continued down the corridor. I needed to get out of here. I saw a door with a picture of stairs on it and I grabbed the doorknob, yanking the door open. The latch shattered and I made the mental note to turn doorknobs before pulling as I ran into the stairwell. Someone was running up the stairs from below so I turned and vaulted up the stairs to the roof. I soon reached the top and shoved open the door to the roof. I breathed in fresh night air, my processor analyzing the pollution and multitude of smells that met me. My pupils grew until they reached optimum efficiency for night vision. There was a large red moon hanging low in the sky. Buildings stretched out as far as I could see in every direction. Approaching the edge of the building, I peered over the side cautiously. Even with my exceptional vision, I couldn't see what was down there. It was pitch black in the alley between this building and the next.

The door behind me flew open and a guard staggered out, breathing heavily. He pointed his gun at me shakily, coughing as he shouted out a command.

“Halt! What do you think you're-” -wheeze- “doing!? W-wait-”

I stepped up onto the edge of the building and rolled my eyes at the human. As if I had come all this way just to surrender. I turned and jumped out into the black abyss.

Revamp in Progress

So, I haven't yet edited the first chapter. While the second chapter is almost done, I've decided to completely revamp the whole story. Switch it from 3rd Person to 1st Person point of view. I'm halfway done with the first chapter, revamped and edited. It's much better than it was before, although Mocha seems to have lost some of his naivety and become rather...erm...vengeful, to say the least, towards the corporation that created him. But yes. Look back here often; the revamped chapter one and brand new chapter two will soon be posted~

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Project BlueLight - Chapter Two Plotting

Plot...hmm...Perhaps Consolas goes missing. Then Mocha would have to go find him..Perhaps company mercenaries? Gangs? Consolas could be a compulsive gambler, loan sharks take him. Makes sense on a world as money-important as Earth. Consolas has to become important to a father figure, sort of. Mocha won’t need food, but perhaps he contracts a ‘virus’ and Consolas has to take him to the best computer hacker in the underworld, who after expressing his amazement at the technological advancement that Mocha could mean, finds a code in Mocha’s brain that causes intense pain the longer and farther from the company Mocha is. The hacker removes the code for a price. Consolas nurses him back to health. Mocha needs to get off this planet, so..hmm..Consolas is going to die, sadly. Mocha has to learn love and grief. Erm. Familial love. He learns romantic love later on. Saturn, perhaps. Hmm..that’ll be complicated. Android loving human. xD I don’t even know how that’s gonna work out. Ah well. It’ll be cute. But for now...Consolas gets Mocha and himself passage aboard a ship heading off-planet. To...Mars. Closest planet, logically it makes sense. Consolas wouldn’t have the money to go any farther. That in and of itself probably was all of his wattage for a year. He dies right before they go to the ship in a raid from the company mercenaries on the tunnels that they live in. Mocha, confused and feeling the strange emotion called ‘grief’, boards the ship alone and makes it to Mars by himself. \o/

Project BlueLight - Chapter One

Harsh white lights in the ceiling glared down onto the operating table below. A motionless figure was lying across the stainless steel table, heavy metal clasps fastened around its wrists and ankles. The figure appeared to be a male human child of around ten years of age, dressed in white cotton pants and shirt. The floor, ceiling, and walls were all white except for the large black-tinted window in the wall. Men in lab coats stood behind the window, marking on charts and watching monitors that scanned the boy in the other room. One of the lines on a monitor - that had previously been flowing in a smooth, slightly curving line - spiked, causing a red light to flash and catch the attention of a nearby scientist.

"James, increase the sleep signal, it's starting to wake up." He turned and muttered to another man. James turned a knob on a control board and soft green lines of light that had been flashing slowly began to flash faster. The boy strapped to the table began to turn restlessly, eyes moving rapidly under the closed eyelids, arms tugging at the restraints. The man who seemed to be in charge looked down quickly at the monitors. "James! Why isn't it going back to sleep?" He barked anxiously. James confusedly checked all of the settings. "I don't know, sir, it's consciousness is fighting the signal. Its AI learns from experience and it's figured out what wavelength the signal is on; it's blocking our signal!"

The man closed his eyes briefly before fixating James with a penetrating stare. Coldly, he asked, "Are you telling me that we've lost contact with the subject? Do we have any control over this thing anymore?" James' hands shook slightly as he replied, "I-if it's learned all of our signals, we won't be able to control it remotely...we'd have to turn it off manually." The man slammed his fist against the control board. "Then DO IT!" He shouted. "We cannot let this experiment fail, it's a crucial step in our society progressing further and is a multi-BILLION wattage project!" James held a radio to his mouth as he watched the boy beginning to awaken, fighting against the steel restraints. "Watchdog, your assistance is required in Area Four. Project BlueLight must be disabled. Do not terminate the subject, merely restrain it. I repeat, do not terminate the subject, merely restrain it." A staticky voice, cold and devoid of emotion, came back over the radio. "Roger that."


BlueLight loading at 20%

Systems Check - All systems fully operational

Activate BlueLight OP System? Y/N - Yes

Suddenly, where no consciousness had been, thoughts flashed into existence. He was in the dark. Where was he? There was no memory. Who was he? What was he? He tried to decipher what was going on, but unable to, quickly gave up and turned to the small brightly lit part of his mind. There were words there. Questions.

Activate Audio System? Y/N - Yes

Hesitantly, he chose yes. Sound suddenly slid into his mind, which quickly processed everything it noted. The soft whir of an air-conditioner. Footsteps approaching from the distance. People breathing behind some flimsy wall, watching him. Hearts beating rapidly. Fingers tapping on a keyboard. All of it was processed in an instant. He turned back to the light and words.

Activate Visual System? Y/N - Yes

His bright grey eyes opened and blurry light streamed in, causing him to wince. He blinked a few times and the images he saw cleared and sharpened dramatically. He was looking straight into a ceiling light, which irritated his eyes. Squinting, his pupil narrowed until the light was comfortable. Glancing around without moving his head, he registered a white ceiling and more lights.

Activate Mobile System? Y/N - Yes

All of a sudden, he could move. He turned his head to get a better view and looked around the room. All white except for the window. Staring at the black window, he wondered who was behind it. Who was watching him. Looking down at his body, he saw his black waist-length hair. He saw the metal shackles locked around his wrists and ankles. He slowly opened and closed his fists, beginning to tug at the metal. It held resiliently but as he applied more and more force to the wrist shackles, enjoying the pressure building up in his arms, the metal groaned and stretched, finally snapping. Metal flew off and bounced off the wall and he rubbed his wrists. That felt good. Just as he was reaching down to break off the ankle locks, too, a door flew open and a small, round, silver object was hurled into the room. It began to beep rapidly and he stared at it curiously. Without warning, it exploded with screeching sound and light that drove their way into his mind, painfully tearing through his senses. Suddenly, all was silent and dark again.

Visual and Audio Systems Automatically Shut Down - Stimulis Within Danger Zones

Will Reboot in 30 Seconds

Reaching down, he felt the metal around his ankles and tore it off, hurling it in the direction of the door. He felt a soft thud through the table as a body hit the floor. He slid off of the table and felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Reaching up, he felt some kind of dart that was vibrating on supersonic frequencies. He tore it out and threw it towards where the window had been, feeling the vibration in the air as the glass shattered and cascaded down, hitting the floor. They were shooting something at him. He supposed the darts were bad, but how bad he wasn't sure. He ran for the broken window, feeling more than hearing shouts vibrate the air. Everything was strangely silent and peaceful. His mind was making calculated decisions based on the information it was gathering; he was just going along with it all.

He jumped through the window and rapidly felt along the wall for a door. Catching the doorknob, he tore the whole door off of it's hinges and swung it around, feeling several bodies go flying after being hit. His eyesight and hearing began to be restored and he heard yelling and running and electricity sparking from the computers in this room. Cocking his head to the side as his vision slowly flickered back to normal, he took in his surroundings in seconds. He was standing barefoot in this small observation room. Several bodies were lying on the ground; blood trickling from one's face and another's neck twisted at an awkward angle. Hearing something behind him, he spun around in time to see a soldier in black body armor standing in the hallway, pointing a strange looking gun at him. The soldier fired at him and a small dart flew out, high-pitched frequencies being thrown out from it. The dart hit him in the neck and his vision flickered. He felt something foreign trying to dig into his mind, giving orders for him to shut down, to fall back into that dark abyss.

Anger flickered through his mind, crashing into the intruder and halting it, and he reached up and yanked out the dart. The soldier's eyes widened as he threw the dart as hard as he could back at the soldier. The dart tore straight through the soldier's arm and embedded in the wall, the soldier letting out a scream of pain. He leaped through the doorway and slammed the door into the guy's head, silencing him. Glancing down the hallway in both direction, he dropped the door and ran away from the rapidly approaching footsteps. An alarm began going off, echoing down the hallway, red lights flashing brightly. His hair fluttered around him as he ran and, annoyed, he stuffed it down the back of his plain white t-shirt. Noticing how his rough, clumsy steps cracked the floor around where he stepped, he experimented and lightened his step slightly, falling into a smoother run. The floor stopped breaking.

Doors flew by him but he kept running. A door with a staircase symbol on it caught his eye and he pushed open the door, breaking the latch. Oops. He analyzed the information and decided he should turn the doorknobs before pushing. Once in the stairway, he looked up and down. He heard someone from below running upwards, so he turned and began sprinting up and away. Reaching the top of the staircase, he threw open the door and stumbled outside. Fresh stimuli flooded his system and he blinked at all the information. The night air was warm, a red, dim moon not lighting the surroundings very well. His pupils enlarged to provide optimum efficiency for night vision. He was on the roof of a large multi-story building within some big, polluted city. He walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down. Very few cars and people drove past, leaving the city seemingly abandoned, trash blowing around in the streets.

Walking around to the opposite edge, he saw a dark alley filled with garbage and two overflowing dumpsters. The stairway door flew open with a bang and he spun around. A man struggled out, gasping for breath, sweat trickling down his face. The man leveled a gun at him and attempted to shout. "Y- *gasp* you there! *wheeze* Stop right *cough* there!" The boy smiled coyly and stepped up onto the raised ledge around the edge of the building. The man's eyes widened and he took a step forward. "Now wait, don't do anyth-" The boy leaped backwards into a graceful dive and the man gasped, running forward. Looking over the edge, he saw the cracked and broken remains of one of the dumpsters down below. The body of the boy lay motionless amid the destruction. The man shakily raised his radio to his lips and reported what happened before going back inside, rubbing his head. By the time a retrieval team arrived outside at the scene, the boy was gone. Puzzled, they squinted up at the roof and back to where he had landed.

There was no way he could have survived such a fall.

The Letter

She wrote me. I didn't think she would but she did. Was I surprised? Yes. Was I happy? I spent the entire two weeks following the letter dancing for joy, barely hearing what my sergeants ordered me to do. I read that letter again and again and again, so many times it became worn, frayed around the edges, difficult to read, yet I still read it. I had it around my neck in a secret pocket made of duct tape, hung by a leather cord. That letter got me through it all. That letter kept me going. That was the best letter I've ever gotten. Thank you, Ally. From the bottom of my heart. I love you.


Stronger than I was, broken no more.
I'm weak no longer 'cuz life I now adore.
My demons are destroyed, burned by a will to live.
I'm free to live, I'm free now, I'm free to take and give.
Passion's fight for life has broken Hell's chains.
It's given me the chance to dance in the bloody rain.
My enemies can't stand against me;
Fate's chosen to let me go free.
Those who want to pull me down?
They'll be picking themselves up off the ground.
I won't be pushed, I won't be pulled, by fate any longer.
I am myself and it'll stay this way. I am stronger.

Fateful Love

We talk, we laugh, we get along great;
Us being together? It's known simply as fate.
But as all lovers know, it's love's curse to pass;
We can pray, we can fight, for our love to last.

You're the air that I breathe;
Yours is the beauty I see.
Thoughts of you are the thoughts which I think;
Yours is the water of life that I drink.

Life's empty promises mean little to me;
Except being with you, that's my destiny.
I don't fear death, it's hard but it's true;
The only thing I fear - living life without you.

Life's Sweet Curse

Life is a gift, that graces the mother.
Life is a curse, that falls upon another.
The mother hears only that warm beating heart,
The other feels only the cold loneliness apart.

The child grows older, stronger, and free.
His life always full of sweet loving liberty.
His mother looks upon him like a star from above,
Naught in her eyes but passionate love.

The other is always alone in the dark,
This cursed life he lives, leaving it's mark.
He cries out to his mother, in agonizing pain,
But she doesn't see him, it's always the same.

'Til one day he can not take any more,
He sits in the attic after locking the door.
A noose is dangling from the timbers above,
This lonely life he is so tired and sick of.

The kiss of death graces the cold morning air.
The mourning maiden, so beautiful and fair.
'Tis not 'til death, that you appreciate life.
'Tis not 'til death that you're freed from life's strife.

Silver rosepetals fall from the heavenly sky.
That last breath of life departs with a sigh.
Black clothes, so depressing, fill the small service.
All that grief and all that pain was his.

The gentle breeze caresses her tear-stained cheeks.
He's gone forever, pray that he finds what he seeks.
Death is for the completed, and life for the broken.
Those who would argue hear not what's been spoken.


The bitter cold of loneliness;
Lies dormant in the air.
The warm embrace of love and joy;
found neither here nor there.

My father shouting, always mad;
I fear for him sometimes.
Alone, poor soul, to be taken;
When the bell of death chimes.

A lonely death is not for me;
I crave love without strife.
If no one misses me then what;
Have I done with my life?

Dolling out joy and calming peace;
These are meaningful deeds.
Life needs a purpose to live for;
I pray, my words, you'll heed.

The Value of Love

More valuable then gold,
Lasting longer then us all,
It's a breath of fresh air,'s supernatural.

We take it for granted,
Despite its worth
Our souls are interwoven,
Our destinies intertwined.

"What is it that does this?"
You ask.
The answer, my friends,
Is hidden by a mask.

People hide this feeling,
Ashamed, afraid,
knee-deep in misery
Afraid it'll fade.

The answer to all
This happens to be Love.
It holds us close,
Keeps us looking above.

So take my advice
When Isay this to you,
Never stop loving
Always hold true.

Broken Hearts

When you're heart hurts,
When you've lost hope,
You look for a friend to help you cope.
Someone you wont offend,

When your heart hurts
And you scream in pain,
They stick by you,
As you're hurt again and again.

But sometimes you're stupid,
You pull away, your heart burning,
Eaten by acid,
It's that one final hurt that breaks the perfect friendship,

Makes you feel like dirt,
You cant believe you slipped.
But its too late for apologies,
They want you gone forever..

You finally, finally see
Your friendship, you treasured..
But its too late to fix...
Fallen to my knees..

Broken, crushed, destroyed..
All I want is someone to kill me..
I've been such a fool..


Someday…someday…you’ll be happy.
The sun will shine, the rain will dry.
Someday, someday, I know you’ll see.
Right now you may weep, you may cry,
But surely you know, someday, someday,
Everything will look up,
You’ll be okay.
Someday, someday.
You’ll learn to trust,
You’ll learn to love,
You’ll learn, you must.
Life gives you a shove,
So get back up!
You know I’m here,
Your friend, your backup.
I know you can,
I know you will,
I’ll always be here for you an’
If you think your life’s at a standstill,
Trust me, that’s why I’m here,
It’s what friends are for.
When you’re filled with fear,
Struck to your very core,
I’m here for you.
Someday, someday, maybe you’ll see
Everything I say is true,
Just trust me…

Silent Pain

This love is like an ocean storm;
Raging through my heart.
Rain and sunshine, chaotic mix;
Alone in the dark.

Do you know the power of love?
So hard to control;
Tearing me to pieces inside;
Release my poor soul.

I need the kiss of peace;
To restore my faith.
Hateful love burns my ravaged heart;
Oh, my pain is great.

My saddened eyes drop crystal-like tears;
I scream out in pain.
A silent scream that goes unheard;
Barely staying sane.

Dropping to my knees, face in hands;
Choking back a cry;
Hurting like I've never before;
Why me? Why now? Why!?


Snow sparkles,
In the rising sun,
A diamond palace,
Touched by none.

Peaceful and quiet,
The wind whispers through.
The voice of good times
Calling anew.

To the curtains,
Little feet tiptoe.
Little eyes peek
Through the window.

A cry of joy
Is heard within,
Warm clothes pulled on,
With a great big grin.

Out the front door,
The little boy runs.
His mother in the doorway,
Watching her son.

She smiles as she watches
His carefree delight,
His absolute wonder
At everything in sight.

He played all day,
‘Til he was chilly and blue,
His snow angels made
And his snowmen through.

He went back inside,
Changed out of his wet clothes
Went into the kitchen,
Where from two mugs steam arose.

He sips his cocoa,
Sitting in his mother’s lap.
She reads him a story,
The cat in the hat.

His head begins to droop,
His eyes begin to close.
His mother kisses him softly
And up to his room they go.

She turns on his nightlight
And tucks him in,
But he’s already out,
Peacefully dreaming.

The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly flaps its delicate wings
Flower petals kissed by nature’s soft breeze
A wind-chime slowly, melodically swings
A wind rustling through autumn leaves

The wind flows across the golden plains
Quietly whooshing over the land
Sweeping through the grassy lanes
Making its way to the warm coastal sand

Wind meets ocean with a roar
The powerful surf welcoming its pair
Into the skies the growing wind soars
Spiraling along columns of rising air.

As the wind rises, it’s chilled to its soul
It slows and it turns and begins to fall
Hurtling towards the ocean below
Responding to the ocean’s call

It rockets downward, unchained fury
Heated again by the ocean’s rage
Lashing out, sword of the sea
Mighty waves crashing, refusing to be caged

Unstoppable storm of endless power
Triumphantly, freely, the wind sings
Under its gaze, the bravest will cower
A hurricane born of a butterfly’s wings.

A Loveless World

I give my all, my soul, my mind;
I give it all so that I might find;
Some form of long lost love;
In this lonely, broken, estranged mankind.

I look here and I look there;
Always looking, everywhere.
All I see is soulless hate,
Where's the love? Will no one share?

Everyone is always afraid;
Afraid of love and of what is made;
When two people love, it makes a connection;
A powerful connection that'll never fade.

Where's this love?
It's a gift from above;
Am I not deserving of this gift?
Is it something to be fearful of?

I'm lost in a world, a world of fear;
Always feeling that I don't belong here.
I want to go somewhere where I feel loved;
A place where love will never disappear.

I love you.

That curious feeling.
It starts in your toes,
Makes you float to the ceiling.
Staring into those eyes like a doe’s.

Love holds you aloft;
Keeps you looking ahead.
It’s amazing when you’re caught;
Loving those three words that are said.

“I Love You” are the words,
So beautiful, so true.
They carry my heart;
Starting my life anew.

Life is empty without love;
It needs a purpose, a point.
My life has only one, my dove;
Its you, my heart you anoint.

Remember these words;
When you’re feeling all alone;
Love isn’t only for the birds,
And shouldn’t be disowned.

These words, so beautiful and true,
are the words that I must say to you.
Never doubt their purity, for it’s truer than true.
Those words I must say? I love you.

Shattered Hope

A black-tinged soul, so crushed and broken;
Bending under the weight of life;
All of this pain that goes unspoken;
Overwhelming, just let me die..

I'm lost, I'm hurt, I'm dying inside;
Tears stream from these agonized eyes;
Oh god, my heart's been tested and tried;
Is love naught but a clever guise?

Is it a mistake to always fight?
To fight this wave of agony?
In pitch-black days and blinding nights;
Does no one hear this silent plea?

Shattered glass, why must it cut so deep;
Crimson drops of passion's flames;
That burn their way to eternal sleep;
A sleep in which no one's to blame.

As everything fades to eternal black;
That ever so elusive peace;
Finally, finally, free from attack;
The pain, it dies, and finally ceases.

Project BlueLight Concept Plotting

The world runs on wattage instead of dollars, power being the preferred form of currency. Those with more wattage [literally] have more power. A company designed an android/mechanical replacement for humans working in dangerous conditions, but their only prototype escapes. This was a multi-billion wattage program, so the company obviously wants their prototype back. The program was code named BlueLight. The company sends mercenaries after their android. Meanwhile, after escaping from the company that created it, the android is living with a poor man who is attempting to teach it concepts such as compassion, kindness, truth, and love. The android was built in the appearance of a ten-year old boy to reduce any fear or contempt for the project once it was brought public. The android’s white clothing was shredded in his fall from the roof of the company building, but the poor man provides him with plain, basic gray clothing that 90% of Earth’s people wear. [Most people are extremely poor, only about 10% have a decent amount of wattage. Only about 5% are rich, and the rich rule the entire planet.] The poor man names the android Mocha. After company mercenaries kill the poor man, Mocha feels emotion for the first time. Sadness. Anger.

Confused by these concepts, it buys passage aboard a ship headed to Jupiter. Colonies there hover within Jupiter’s massive atmosphere, contained within large bubbles of transparent shielding that protects colonists from the massive Jovian storms.

Jupiter = Industrial
Saturn = Artistic
Pluto = Prison
Earth = Power/Corporate
Mars = Mining
Mercury = Scientific
Venus = Modern
Uranus = Religious
Neptune = Country/Colony

Earth’s plot:

Part 1: Mocha escapes from company facility where he was created. Is naive. His operating system shuts down when he jumps off the roof of the company facility, so he’s unconscious when the poor old man takes him in. He wakes up in a room underground, in the tunnels that run under the city that were once used as a sewer system before sewage was properly disposed of. The tunnels now lie abandoned, homes for the homeless and poor. The old man names the android Mocha. Tells Mocha his own name is Consolas (so not because that’s the font I’m using >.>). Consolas tries to teach Mocha human values, both the good and the bad, and takes care of Mocha, teaching him just the basics of life and how to fit in, stay invisible. Mocha wants to learn as much as he can, particularly about humans and what it means to be human. Why is he /not/ considered human?