Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Loveless World

I give my all, my soul, my mind;
I give it all so that I might find;
Some form of long lost love;
In this lonely, broken, estranged mankind.

I look here and I look there;
Always looking, everywhere.
All I see is soulless hate,
Where's the love? Will no one share?

Everyone is always afraid;
Afraid of love and of what is made;
When two people love, it makes a connection;
A powerful connection that'll never fade.

Where's this love?
It's a gift from above;
Am I not deserving of this gift?
Is it something to be fearful of?

I'm lost in a world, a world of fear;
Always feeling that I don't belong here.
I want to go somewhere where I feel loved;
A place where love will never disappear.

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