Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project BlueLight - Chapter Two Plotting

Plot...hmm...Perhaps Consolas goes missing. Then Mocha would have to go find him..Perhaps company mercenaries? Gangs? Consolas could be a compulsive gambler, loan sharks take him. Makes sense on a world as money-important as Earth. Consolas has to become important to a father figure, sort of. Mocha won’t need food, but perhaps he contracts a ‘virus’ and Consolas has to take him to the best computer hacker in the underworld, who after expressing his amazement at the technological advancement that Mocha could mean, finds a code in Mocha’s brain that causes intense pain the longer and farther from the company Mocha is. The hacker removes the code for a price. Consolas nurses him back to health. Mocha needs to get off this planet, so..hmm..Consolas is going to die, sadly. Mocha has to learn love and grief. Erm. Familial love. He learns romantic love later on. Saturn, perhaps. Hmm..that’ll be complicated. Android loving human. xD I don’t even know how that’s gonna work out. Ah well. It’ll be cute. But for now...Consolas gets Mocha and himself passage aboard a ship heading off-planet. To...Mars. Closest planet, logically it makes sense. Consolas wouldn’t have the money to go any farther. That in and of itself probably was all of his wattage for a year. He dies right before they go to the ship in a raid from the company mercenaries on the tunnels that they live in. Mocha, confused and feeling the strange emotion called ‘grief’, boards the ship alone and makes it to Mars by himself. \o/

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