Sunday, November 6, 2011


Someday…someday…you’ll be happy.
The sun will shine, the rain will dry.
Someday, someday, I know you’ll see.
Right now you may weep, you may cry,
But surely you know, someday, someday,
Everything will look up,
You’ll be okay.
Someday, someday.
You’ll learn to trust,
You’ll learn to love,
You’ll learn, you must.
Life gives you a shove,
So get back up!
You know I’m here,
Your friend, your backup.
I know you can,
I know you will,
I’ll always be here for you an’
If you think your life’s at a standstill,
Trust me, that’s why I’m here,
It’s what friends are for.
When you’re filled with fear,
Struck to your very core,
I’m here for you.
Someday, someday, maybe you’ll see
Everything I say is true,
Just trust me…

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