Sunday, November 6, 2011

Broken Hearts

When you're heart hurts,
When you've lost hope,
You look for a friend to help you cope.
Someone you wont offend,

When your heart hurts
And you scream in pain,
They stick by you,
As you're hurt again and again.

But sometimes you're stupid,
You pull away, your heart burning,
Eaten by acid,
It's that one final hurt that breaks the perfect friendship,

Makes you feel like dirt,
You cant believe you slipped.
But its too late for apologies,
They want you gone forever..

You finally, finally see
Your friendship, you treasured..
But its too late to fix...
Fallen to my knees..

Broken, crushed, destroyed..
All I want is someone to kill me..
I've been such a fool..

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