About Me :3

'Tis me, snuggling mah penguin pillowpet named Prof. Fluffehpantz. <3

Ehh...I'm just this boring guy from Oklahoma. Yet another aspiring young writer. My name's Jesse, although I'm also known around the web as Squirrel, Cloudsong, Cloudy, NinjahPenguin, SkyAngel, and a few other things. Okay, a lot of other things. I...like nicknames. And emotes. And hot cocoa. And pizza rolls. And cookies. But that's all getting just a bit off topic. I'm 17. I adore my girlfriend, Ally, with all my heart♥ I'm thinking about college, trying to avoid being eaten by NaNoWriMo, and just so happen to hate spiders with a passion. -.-' So yupp. That's me. I can be pretty shy, but hey, just chat me up if you wanna be friends or just get to know me. Lord knows I could use the practice socializing.

My favorite bands/music ish Owl City, Skillet, Toby Mac, Taylor Swift, Iyaz, Tenth Avenue North, Mark Schultz, and so many others. It's impossible to list them all. Let's just say I'm an avid fan of all music but screamo and heavy metal, 'kay? Uhm.. I probably spend more time online than is healthy, but oh well. That can't be helped; I have zero friends in real life and I love all mah internet friends! :3

Call me a nerd or a geek if you like; I don't particularly care. Haters gonna hate. I love Pokemon, swordfights with nerf swords, glitter, hanging out with my girlfriend, ignoring people on facebook because I rather dislike facebook, wishing I knew the point of twitter, and writing. I write poetry (albeit, horrible poetry), short stories, fanfiction, original fiction, and generally all forms of horrid attempts at prose. I've been told I have a cynical sense of humor and can occasionally seem either naive or evilly clever, depending on my mood. I also tend to be rather blunt and say things without thinking about it first. ._. I'm terribly sorry if I offend you; please know that it probably wasn't intentional and I'll feel horribly guilty if you tell me I offended you. So it's pretty easy to guilt trip me. Uhm...I believe cocoa is an all-year-'round thing, as are hoodies. I partake of them both all year 'round, so.

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